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News & in-depth analysis of Longyuan's offshore wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Latest articles about Longyuan

Sinohydro installs first intertidal turbine

CHINA: Sinohydro has installed the first turbine at its 100MW Rudong Zhongshui Intertidal Demonstration project on the East China Sea.

First 5MW turbine from new CSIC plant

CHINA: CSIC has completed the first turbine at its new offshore turbine manufacturing plant in Rudong, Jiansu province.

Longyuan: Leading offshore charge in China

CHINA: Longyuan, China's leading wind power developer has pioneered projects in low-wind speed regions, at extreme altitudes and is now at the forefront of the country's efforts to grow its offshore sector.

Ming Yang installs 6.5MW prototype

CHINA: Ming Yang has installed the prototype of its 6.5MW offshore turbine following long delays.

Analysis: China seeks to move beyond 2015 disappointment

CHINA: Thanks to government support a number of China's top manufacturers are working on next-generation offshore turbines, including Goldwind, Sinovel, Envision, Ming Yang and CSIC-Haizhuang, as the country looks to establish itself as a power in the sector.

Ming Yang to test 6MW in Norway

CHINA: Ming Yang has signed a preliminary agreement to build its 6MW Aerodyn-designed turbine at a test centre off the Norwegian coast.

Ming Yang set for 6MW installation

CHINA: Ming Yang has claimed that it will install the prototype of its 6MW turbine in mid-2014, six years after licensing the design from Aerodyn.

Envision wins 130MW offshore deal

CHINA: Envision has won a deal from Longyuan to supply turbines with a capacity of 130MW to the Rudong Chaojiandai (intertidal zone) offshore wind farm, in eastern China.

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