Japan releases offshore cost findings

JAPAN: The cost of developing offshore wind in the seas around Japan could be twice that of northern Europe, according to a study group set up by the economy, trade and industry ministry to investigate a procurement price for offshore wind.

Based on scaling-up the costs of single turbine pilot projects on fixed foundations off Choshi and Kitakyushu, the study group estimated installation costs of JPY 1.07-1.12 million per kilowatt (EUR 7,500-8,000/kW).

By comparison, installation costs of offshore projects in northern Europe currently range from EUR 3,300/kW to EUR 4,300/kW.

The study group looked at other scenarios for setting a procurement price. On easy-to-build sites, near shore and close to port facilities, it estimated installation costs ranging from €3,800/kW to €4,200/kW.

For deeper waters and taking into account more developed and industrialised technology, plus the economies of scale provided by large turbines, it estimates installation costs from €5,325/kW to €5,600/kW.

All cost estimates are based on the use of fixed foundations. No guide costs have been issued for projects using floating platforms.

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