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United States Long distance… Deepwater Wind has commissioned jack-up vessel BoldTern from Europe for installation work on Block Island because no US vessels are suitable

US moves closer to building first offshore projects

UNITED STATES: Offshore wind is, at last, firmly on the US renewable-energy agenda, with a number of projects finally looking likely to shift from the drawing board and into the waters. But, America's offshore pioneers are not ready to pop the champagne corks just yet.

"The first company that designs a paint that lasts ten times longer will make a fortune” Francois Piquet, Ouest Normandie Energies Marines

Tightening every link in the chain to cut costs

WORLDWIDE: Bigger turbines and cheaper finance may be the principal means by which the offshore wind sector can cuts its costs, but there are savings to be made by close scrutiny of every aspect of the process, from design and construction to installation and maintenance

China First wave… The inter-tidal Jiangsu Rudon demonstration project came online in 2012 (pic: Siemens)

China aims for the global top spot

CHINA: After several years of uncertainty and stagnation, China's offshore wind sector looks set to take off. An immensely ambitious target of installing 30GW of offshore wind by the end of the decade is probably beyond reach, but there seems little doubt that China is gearing up for serious commitment to the sector.

Japan Pilot… Fukushima floating turbine has started operating

Japanese government boosts confidence in offshore wind

JAPAN: The rate of progress in Japan's offshore wind sector has been distinctly sluggish so far, but potential developers have been encouraged by recent government pronouncements.

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Latest Windfarms Updated On WPO Intelligence

Last updated  22 August 2014

NameCountryMWDeveloperAnnouncementDate reported
Sandbank Germany 288MW Vattenfall Subststation contract 22-Aug-14
Sandbank Germany 288MW Vattenfall Foundation contract 22-Aug-14
DolWin Beta Germany n/a Siemens Transport update 21-Aug-14
Fecamp France 498MW EDF, Dong, wpd Foundation update 21-Aug-14
Burbo Bank UK 258MW Dong Turbine purchase 21-Aug-14
Westermost Rough UK 210MW Dong Transmission tender 20-Aug-14
Humber Gateway UK 219MW E.on Transmission tender 20-Aug-14
Methil UK 12MW Forthwind Turbine selection 19-Aug-14
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Latest special reports

Global Offshore - Special Report 2014

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Offshore looks at the countries outside Europe that are progressing towards installing turbines off their coasts; plus we examine ways to reduce the cost of offshore wind.

Vessels & Access - Special Report 2014

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Offshore looks at the latest developments in purpose-built vessels and transfer technology for crew and parts as well as the challenges faced by the supply chain as projects increase in size and move further from shore.

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Latest Offshore Wind Jobs

Latest Offshore Wind Jobs

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